• Low latency for Mobile Gaming

    Reduce latency for mobile gamers where it matters - in the mobile network. Proven low latency on 4G for mobile gamers, allowing MNOs and game providers to offer a premium real-time experience.

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    Mobile gaming
  • Monetising network slicing

    Tambora Systems’s solution enables MNOs and content/application providers to generate additional revenue through guaranteed QoE, for video and other traffic, over any network, with no additional CAPEX or OPEX.

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    Network slicing
  • Enable mobile network sharing

    Reduce network costs with efficient network sharing with real-time RAN management & traffic routing. Unlock network sharing with dynamic orchestration of resources, optimised slicing and traffic management.

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    Mobile network sharing
  • Our solution: unique, flexible technology


    We sense and collect performance metrics / QoE, in real-time from every component of the ecosystem.


    We process the data collected, in the cloud, with the latest virtualised and orchestration technologies.


    We act on the processed data, in real-time, to create a dedicated bearer in the mobile network to deliver QoE assurance to the user or device.

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  • Optimise mobile video

    Poor mobile video quality and streaming errors have a major negative impact on user experience. gQoE allows MNOs and content providers to optimise mobile video delivery in real-time, for each session and each user.

    Mobile video consumption is surging. Streaming of live events, video playback and on-the-move catch-up are fundamental to the mobile experience. Don’t let poor network quality undermine your performance.

    With Tambora, you can efficiently manage mobile delivery, optimising each session. This allows you to offer premium video and content packages and guarantee performance for customers and key content partners.

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    Optimise mobile video
  • Real-time mobile gaming

    Mobile gaming is booming and building significant revenue opportunities for game providers and MNOs. The weak-link in the delivery chain is the mobile edge. Latency in the RAN seriously impairs game performance.

    Gamers need consistent performance to fully enjoy real-time, multi-player experiences. MNOs need to control gaming experience in the RAN, based on granular service requirements and real-time conditions.

    gQoE enables MNOs to control mobile game experiences for individual users in the RAN, allowing them to capitalise on revenue opportunities, offer dedicated packages and support key content partners.

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    real-time mobile gaming
  • Enable dynamic network sharing

    Network sharing is a key tool that helps MNOs reduce network costs and accelerate coverage rollout for 5G. It allows assets to be shared - but efficient, equitable resource management is mandatory to ensure success.

    Real-time RAN management is the answer. Tambora enables optimised, dynamic control according to services, and performance requirements, through decentralised edge traffic management and orchestration.

    All network sharing models can be supported, with full traffic and service differentiation, allowing fair access for all stakeholders and to support new host-neutral business models, with more efficient RAN performance.

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    Enable dynamic network sharing

Use cases

Outstanding QoE for a growing range of use cases

Our solutions deliver guaranteed, optimised QoE for a growing range of use cases, spanning valuable, revenue-generating applications.

They allow MNOs to reach customers more effectively and to target new partners.

With Tambora, MNOs can efficiently deliver new services and provide better results for partners, retaining customers and building new revenue streams.

They help meet customer demands and address new segments.

The latest stories from our blog

  • Optimising mobile gaming - moving from console to the mobile

    How can the cellular RAN support real-time gaming and drive new revenue opportunities for MNOs?

    Mobile gaming is backed by many to succeed and has attracted huge investment. But, it has a weak link – the Radio Access Network, or RAN. Here’s how to fix that problem!

  • What’s the real impact of network sharing on cost? Is it worth the fuss?

    Does network sharing deliver economic benefits? If it does, how can performance be managed to ensure equitable access and optimised service delivery for each stakeholder?

  • Rethinking RAN automation and optimisation – a work in progress

    According to a recent report, from analyst firm Rethink Technology Research, RAN automation – which is seen as crucial for supporting 5G business models – is grinding to a halt.

  • Mobile network operators are turning to gaming – how can they reduce mobile gaming latency?

    Operators such as Deutsche Telekom are rushing to capitalise on new revenue opportunities from gaming. They hope to bypass consoles and deliver effective gaming from the cloud. But with latency an ongoing challenge that can undermine user experience, how can they deliver a consistent experience to mobile gamers? Tambora solves this problem.

  • A World Cup of gaming? It’s just the beginning but low latency performance will be required to reach a truly global audience.

    The Fortnite World Cup took the gaming world by storm, offering unprecedented prizes to players from all around the globe. Expect more competitions to emerge and for global gaming to take off – but for mobile access to dominate. How do you deliver the real-time interactive experience gamers need?


Enabling application and network awareness with dynamic orchestration of network slicing

Have you seen our new video? It explains how Tambora provides an end-to-end solution that enables network slicing to create new services with guaranteed, differentiated quality and performance for MNOs and content providers.

Watch our video now to find out how we can help you monetise network slicing today through guaranteed bandwidth, ultra-low latency.


Enabling application and network awareness with dynamic orchestration of network slicing

Have you seen our new video? It explains how Tambora provides an end-to-end solution that enables network slicing to create new services with guaranteed, differentiated quality and performance for MNOs and content providers.

Watch our video now to find out how we can help you monetise network slicing today through guaranteed bandwidth, ultra-low latency.

Intuitive user interface

Simple, intuitive access to detailed performance insights

Mobile users benefit from detailed reporting of quality improvements. They can also view relevant commercial information and offers. A user-friendly mobile application provides a simple, clear interface.

MNOs can build rich engagement with subscribers, giving them detailed insights to review performance and ensure that they obtain promised enhancements and service quality, meeting SLA requirements.


MNO Analytics

Delivering real-time visibility of user and service experience

MNOs benefit from a dedicated portal, providing advanced analytics and unrivalled real-time visibility into the subscriber and service experience, and deep-dive troubleshooting. Executive reporting is also available.

The insights can be used to refine advertisement-driven (AVOD), subscription-driven (SVOD), and live / linear viewing (SLIN). The information is actionable, providing performance monitoring and can easily be exported.

Key performance statistics


Assured QoE

Video resolution guarantees improved by 54%


Reduced buffering

Buffering duration in the video reduced by 24%


Better start time

Video start times improved by 36%

Read our case study

How to offer Guaranteed QoS

Learn how Tambora helped Surfline to boost QoE assurance by 98%, reduce their buffering by 80% and cut buffering per hour from 2 minutes to under 40 seconds.

Surfline Achieved...

Buffering 80%


An 80% improvement in the buffering of video sessions

QoE Assurance 98%

QoE Assurance

A 98% improvement in QoE Assurance for all sessions

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Tambora Systems is building a global ecosystem of partners, enabling the delivery of QoE-driven services. Tambora helps to connect providers and networks, facilitating the exchange of value between stakeholders and enhancing service monetisation, offered through a platform with global reach.

We enable delivery of a differentiated class of service, across different access technologies and to individual users or devices. We pride ourselves on our open approach that brings together different ecosystems and connects silos to create new revenue streams and a transparent marketplace.

Our technology is cloud-based, which enables scalability and optimised performance. It helps to build bridges between mobile network infrastructure and external content and service providers. We ensure that providers have a dedicated, secure slice of network resources, for a fixed slice of time, with SLA-backed quality and performance. This enhances service delivery and, ultimately, creates new monetisation opportunities.

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Tambora Systems builds innovative, high-quality products using the Tambora Quality Management System (QMS). Tambora QMS has been designed as per CMMi Dev V1.3 requirements in order to better achieve our business objectives. The Video Optimiser product line of Tambora is appraised at CMMi level 3 by KPMG (CMMI Institute Partner).

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