• Disaggregated core for increased flexibility

    Disaggregation of hardware and software is passé. Disaggregation of the software will give both cost savings and ability to create new services in hours – not of weeks and months.

  • Low latency for Mobile Gaming

    Reduce latency for mobile gamers where it matters - in the mobile network by as much as 50% for mobile gaming, allowing MNOs and game providers to offer a premium real-time experience.

  • Proven track record for functionality

    Different components of the Tambora disaggregated core are deployed in networks across the world. The disaggregated components are used to create functionality ranging from PCEF to LBO.

  • gQoE Guaranteed Quality of Experience

    gQoE enables MNO to offer better and guaranteed QoE such as higher or consistent bandwidth, or lower delay. Our solution functions as 3GPP AF and interacts with the mobile network using 3GPP interfaces.

    With gQoE, MNOs offer more than data quota. New QoE-based services increase revenue by 1-8% with no CAPEX. This differentiator brings network slicing capability to 4G with no need to wait for 5G.

    QoE parameters for video, gaming and other applications are sensed from the mobile or network or content/ CDN servers. The feedback loop establishes dedicated bearer (4G) or QoS flow (5G).

    Up to 8% revenue increase for MNOs

    *based on Tambora customer engagement

    gQoE diagram
  • vPCEF Virtual PCEF

    Our vPCEF solution functions as 3GPP TDF and PCEF. vPCEF runs either as VNF on VM or as image on container. It seamlessly interfaces with PCRF/OCS/OFCS/PGW (4G) and PCF/CHF/UPF (5G).

    vPCEF saves costs and offers greater flexibility to MNOs when compared with conventional PCEF. Signature addition, policy use cases and service chaining are configurable in real-time, without service disruption.

    vPCEF detects over 3,000 digital signatures. It performs policy functions of blocking, bandwidth control, priority scheduling, traffic redirection and traffic marking. Meters traffic based on volume or time or events.

    Flexible policy control and enforcement

    vPCEF diagram
  • Traffic Offload Local Breakout

    Tambora’s Local Breakout solution enables MNOs to offload traffic at the RAN, bypassing the core - on a per session basis. Mobile traffic is passed on to MEC platforms or the Internet.

    Our solution saves backhaul and mobile core costs of MNOs. Tambora’s advantage is the flexibility of deployment. It can be deployed at cell-site or CU location, or far-edge data center in case of a Section 7.2 SDN split.

    LBO is achieved by the Tambora disaggregated, distributed, virtual/ cloud-native core functioning as the PGW/SGW (4G) or UPF (5G). Full policy enforcement and charging is enabled for offloaded traffic.

    20% cost savings on backhaul and core*

    *based on Tambora internal test

    LBO diagram
  • State Machine Correlating data

    Tambora’s state machine correlates data with consent from the mobile network elements, in the control plane, such as HSS/OSS/BSS, delivering meta data for third party applications over standard API.

    This enables MNO to monetise their data. Applications include identity validation, location-based services and data-driven advertising. Tambora’s reference architecture and standard interfaces simplify data mining, analytics and presentation.

    The state machine gathers data through query and response. This data is correlated multi-dimensionally. The state change of data over time is also captured and analysed.

    More effective monetisation with meta data

    State Machine

Use Cases

Disaggregated core for a growing range of use cases

Tambora’s disaggregated architecture enables a range of use cases, spanning revenue generation & cost saving applications.

Our use cases are applicable for 4G, 5G networks; SDN/NFV and traditional architecture. With Tambora, MNOs can efficiently deliver new services in days instead of weeks, rapidly building profitable new revenue streams. MNOs benefit from significant CAPEX and OPEX reduction with Tambora’s solutions.

Guaranteed QoE for mobile video

Target your most valuable 4G mobile data users and offer new QoE service guarantees

Deliver low latency for mobile gaming services

Deliver a better experience for gamers and providers

Offload mobile Internet traffic

CLightweight Local Breakout (LBO) for network cost savings and enabling MEC

Next generation PCEF solution

Save costs, support new functionality quickly with a virtual, cloud-native solution that scales seamlessly

Standardised, secure monetisation of MNO data

Ready-to-deploy state machine for financial and location-based applications based on identity

RAN and mobile core optimisation

Enabled by application-aware feedback loops between RAN and core

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  • Tambora LBO offers a flexible, less costly upgrade path to 5G

    Tambora LBO offers a 30 per cent cost saving in terms of annual network core expansion costs, while preparing MNOs for 5G.

  • Virtual EPC and virtual PCEF enable superior QoS, while lowering costs

    vEPC and vPCEF provide real-time monitoring and application of network rules and policies, in turn enabling new use cases and exceptional QoS, while lowering costs and boosting revenue.

  • Optimising mobile gaming - moving from console to the mobile

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Enabling application and network awareness with dynamic orchestration of network slicing

Have you seen our new video? It explains how Tambora provides an end-to-end solution that enables network slicing to create new services with guaranteed, differentiated quality and performance for MNOs and content providers.

Watch our video now to find out how we can help you monetise network slicing today through guaranteed bandwidth, ultra-low latency.


Enabling application and network awareness with dynamic orchestration of network slicing

Have you seen our new video? It explains how Tambora provides an end-to-end solution that enables network slicing to create new services with guaranteed, differentiated quality and performance for MNOs and content providers.

Watch our video now to find out how we can help you monetise network slicing today through guaranteed bandwidth, ultra-low latency.

Intuitive user interface

Simple, intuitive access to detailed performance insights

Mobile users benefit from detailed reporting of quality improvements. They can also view relevant commercial information and offers. A user-friendly mobile application provides a simple, clear interface.

MNOs can build rich engagement with subscribers, giving them detailed insights to review performance and ensure that they obtain promised enhancements and service quality, meeting SLA requirements.


MNO Analytics

Delivering real-time visibility of user and service experience

MNOs benefit from a dedicated portal, providing advanced analytics and unrivalled real-time visibility into the subscriber and service experience, and deep-dive troubleshooting. Executive reporting is also available.

The insights can be used to refine advertisement-driven (AVOD), subscription-driven (SVOD), and live / linear viewing (SLIN). The information is actionable, providing performance monitoring and can easily be exported.

Key performance statistics


Assured QoE

Video resolution guarantees improved by 54%


Reduced buffering

Buffering duration in the video reduced by 24%


Better start time

Video start times improved by 36%

Read our case study

How to offer Guaranteed QoS

Learn how Tambora helped Surfline to boost QoE assurance by 98%, reduce their buffering by 80% and cut buffering per hour from 2 minutes to under 40 seconds.

Surfline Achieved...

Buffering 80%


An 80% improvement in the buffering of video sessions

QoE Assurance 98%

QoE Assurance

A 98% improvement in QoE Assurance for all sessions

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Tambora Systems is building a global ecosystem of partners, enabling the delivery of QoE-driven services. Tambora helps to connect providers and networks, facilitating the exchange of value between stakeholders and enhancing service monetisation, offered through a platform with global reach.

We enable delivery of a differentiated class of service, across different access technologies and to individual users or devices. We pride ourselves on our open approach that brings together different ecosystems and connects silos to create new revenue streams and a transparent marketplace.

Our technology is cloud-based, which enables scalability and optimised performance. It helps to build bridges between mobile network infrastructure and external content and service providers. We ensure that providers have a dedicated, secure slice of network resources, for a fixed slice of time, with SLA-backed quality and performance. This enhances service delivery and, ultimately, creates new monetisation opportunities.

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