Provide the best mobile experience for live sports coverage

Guarantee the delivery of live sports coverage for mobile users.

Deliver the best experience to sports fans

Optimise real-time streaming for live sports

Ensure continuous, seamless coverage

With Tambora’s gQoE, MNOs can deliver high-quality video experiences for 4G mobile users, for time sensitive, real-time traffic, including live sports. Viewers will not tolerate interruptions and will quickly move to rival services if they cannot easily view content. gQoE can be offered as a premium service by MNOs.

Offer performance commitments to your customers

The critical innovation is the QoE guarantee. With gQoE, MNOs can offer performance commitments to subscribers, wherever and whenever, protecting costly investments in live sports and attracting new users.

Create different packages and upgrade options

With gQoE, MNOs and content providers can offer enhanced packages or provide upgrade options, so that users can access premium quality at crucial moments, such as extra time in a World Cup semi-final. gQoE is ideal for any live event, ensuring that users obtain the best possible experience, when they need it.


  • Create new performance guarantees for live sports
  • Retain and attract new subscribers
  • Ensure consistent viewing experience
  • Drive new revenue
  • Efficiently use network resources
  • No CAPEX requirements
  • Capitalise on demand for periodic tournaments

Tambora has developed unique technology that can dynamically set crucial parameters, such as data rate, latency, packet loss, for a mobile network connection based on the application, user, time and location. It senses performance metrics from all parts of the content delivery ecosystem (Content Provider, CDN, Telecom operator and the mobile user) to set these connection parameters, in real-time. Our technology works on 4G and also on 5G, and enables the delivery of dynamic network slicing.

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Tambora Systems is building a global ecosystem of partners, enabling the delivery of QoE-driven services. Tambora helps to connect providers and networks, facilitating the exchange of value between stakeholders and enhancing service monetisation, offered through a platform with global reach.

We enable delivery of a differentiated class of service, across different access technologies and to individual users or devices. We pride ourselves on our open approach that brings together different ecosystems and connects silos to create new revenue streams and a transparent marketplace.

Our technology is cloud-based, which enables scalability and optimised performance. It helps to build bridges between mobile network infrastructure and external content and service providers. We ensure that providers have a dedicated, secure slice of network resources, for a fixed slice of time, with SLA-backed quality and performance. This enhances service delivery and, ultimately, creates new monetisation opportunities.

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Tambora Systems builds innovative, high-quality products using the Tambora Quality Management System (QMS). Tambora QMS has been designed as per CMMi Dev V1.3 requirements in order to better achieve our business objectives. The Video Optimiser product line of Tambora is appraised at CMMi level 3 by KPMG (CMMI Institute Partner).

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