TelOS Platform

TelOS Platform

We are in the middle of the mobile content delivery ecosystem, straddling the worlds of mobile network and content. This enables us to offer multiple services catering to any segment of the ecosystem. Rather than building these services as cumbersome vertical silos, TelOS helps us to build them elegantly on the top of a common platform. TelOS is thus a single point to create, launch, manage and monetize all services.

Currently TelOS supports our products, which offer video QoE enhancement, mobile RAN decongestion and cell management services. It would also support our future products in the areas of CRAN, MEC and SDWAN. TelOS can host third party applications as well. All our products are optimized to run on TelOS, which orchestrates the services at multiple levels.

Cuts Time To Market

TelOS is built with a modular architecture that is flexible, loose-coupled and reusable. The base functions for any service, be it policy, user portal or interfaces are available readily as part of TelOS. Thus the time to develop, launch, manage and maintain new services is cut drastically.

Reduces TCO

TelOS runs in a data center and reduces its capex through a symphony of techniques including containerization, orchestration and use of white box hardware. It works seamlessly with any virtualization software and MANO layer, cutting integration costs. It optimizes virtual machine utilization through micro-service orchestration. 


IP has become the underlying technology of mobile and fixed line networks. The mobile network architecture is evolving from an element-based approach to a service-based approach. 5G networks are meant to deliver network slices, offering different capabilities according to specialized needs, running on shared infrastructure. TelOS fits into this progression, by providing a platform for IP service delivery, which would evolve to a network operating system supporting many services. 

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