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Small Cells, Big Bandwidth

A ten-fold explosion of mobile data is imminent; and, the bulk of this traffic is video.

MNOs are facing an ever increasing demand for high bandwidth, low latency, and high availability services.

There are only three ways to meet this demand; more spectrum, spectrally efficient modulations, or small cells. The spectrum is costly and may not be available. Higher modulations have practical difficulties and involve higher costs. 

Small cells are the only viable option. The future calls for a seven-fold increase in the number of cells, constituting a dense access network. This requires huge Capex and Opex, calling for a better business case.

We deliver the business case for dense access network with faster ROI, by:

  • Sharing of the infrastructure
  • Increasing revenues
  • Lowering costs

We facilitate sharing of the infrastructure by base stations of multiple MNOs and WiFi hotspots from multiple WNOs.

As opposed to a traditional model, where the rentals from the MNOs pay for the infrastructure, we enable a two-sided revenue model, where content providers provide additional revenue, for QoE based services. These services are offered as SaaS from a data center.

We lower the cost of managing millions of small cells, through automation, use of IoT devices and using centralized software for process integration. We cut the costs of the data center, that is used to host the services, using virtualization, orchestration, containerization and use of white box hardware.