Ease Out

Decongest Mobile & WiFi Networks

Mobile networks are bursting with video. Increasing video viewing times are tying up the scarce network resources longer, resulting in congestion. MNOs are confronted with rising traffic and flat revenues. They need proper tools to detect and deal with congestion.

We address this multi-faceted challenge, by providing solutions to optimize the use of existing resources and also to build new paths.

In an existing mobile network, we ease video congestion with our Video Optimizer, by widening the pipe as and when required. The WiFi Offloader moves the traffic between the MNO and any available WiFi network to ease congestion.

New pathways would require global WiFi coverage. This could be created with a dense access network built with small cells. These small cells are shared between 3G/4G/5G mobile and WiFi technologies. Our Cell Manager facilitates the creation and effective maintenance of these innumerable small cells.

Our WiFi Offloader helps achieve a seamless network by stitching together diverse entities including home, municipal, commercial and gratuitous WiFi networks.

With such a ubiquitous WiFi carpet, our WiFi Offloader elegantly moves traffic between the mobile and WiFi networks eliminating congestion, improving QoE and ensuring high availability.