Break Out

QoE: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

The mobile Internet ecosystem is in a state of flux. Data and services are exploding but there is no end-to-end quality. Customer satisfaction, service differentiation and new service creation all call for good QoE. Therefore, for the ecosystem to move to the next level, QoE is vital.

Content providers deliver applications to the mobile users through CDNs and MNOs. But they have control over only limited areas of the ecosystem. Hence, a common fabric for all players to set, deliver, monitor and monetize QoE is needed.

Our applications running on our TelOS platform, provide a comprehensive QoE solution. We leverage our unique position in the middle of the ecosystem, to obtain inputs from mobiles, MNOs, CDNs and content providers. We process this information in a virtualized data center environment and apply intelligent policy.

This enables us to control both the MNO and the WiFi networks from outside and deliver QoE. Our web portal provides complete visibility and control to the stakeholders.

Each of our products contributes specifically to good QoE. Our Video Optimizer widens the pipe in the mobile network. Our WiFi Offloader eases congestion by moving traffic from the MNO to the WiFi network. Our Cell Manager manages the small-cell network efficiently and facilitates high bandwidth delivery.

We thus enable content providers to provide high quality experience to the mobile users, whether they connect through WiFi or MNO networks. Content providers, as well as CDNs, can move up the value chain by offering QoE based services.