WiFi Offloader

WiFi Offloader

Optimizing the RAN is a big concern of MNOs. RAN contributes 60-80% of network costs and the radio spectrum it utilizes is expensive and scarce. To reduce costs, MNOs offload to traffic from the RAN to WiFi networks. In the next 5 years, WiFi offload would increase marginally by 20% while mobile data will grow manifold by 600%. WiFi offload growth is hampered by the inadequate WiFi coverage.

Our WiFi Offloader, running on TelOS, offers a complete solution. We stitch together the disparate WiFi networks –  domestic, public, free and commercial into one seamless fabric. In dense access networks built with small cells, we enable WiFi hotspots to be co-located along with mobile base stations. With both of these approaches, we create a ubiquitous WiFi carpet with end-to-end management, QoS, real-time metering, and analytics.

Cloud WiFi Offload

Our differentiator is the solution being offered as SaaS. It gets inputs from the mobile and WiFi networks, processes them in the cloud and re-directs the traffic from mobile to the WiFi network. This is done seamlessly, without any additional equipment in the mobile network and complying to the 3GPP framework.  

Managing WiFi Networks

In addition to our cloud component, we have an in-line data plane component in the WiFi network. It simplifies user validation by having single point authentication. It meters data consumption in the WiFi network and ties it to mobile data plans for flexible quota management and multiple charging options.

Visibility and Analytics

Our web portal ensures full visibility to all stakeholders. MNOs and WNOs get data on traffic offloaded, billing information and other analytics. Mobile users would get appropriate consumption statistics on both WiFi and mobile networks. They can all set preferences and program rules for offload. 

WiFi Offloader – An Innovative “Ease-Out” Solution from Tambora Systems

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