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Poor video quality is a problem affecting billions of mobile video viewers. By Y 2021, mobile data is expected to grow by 7X, and mobile video by 10X. Mobile video will then be 80% of mobile data traffic. The bandwidth demands of mobile video are also increasing: 700 Kbps for lowest quality and 7 Mbps for HD video. This continuing surge poses challenges in providing video QoE.

Our Video Optimizer, running on TelOS, addresses this elegantly. It improves video quality by widening the pipe to specific users, for the required duration. Video Optimizer obtains inputs from the CDN and MNO or from our app running on the mobile. It processes these inputs in real time and communicates with the policy function of the MNO network to increase the video throughput to the mobile user.

Unique Approach

The existing techniques to improve video quality, focus on the end points of the video delivery ecosystem. These include having better displays on mobile phones, delivering content from servers close to the mobile to reduce latency and transcoding video data to reduce file sizes. Our focus is different and complementary to these techniques; we operate in the middle of the ecosystem by widening the video pipe through the mobile network. 

Business Intelligence

Our Video Optimizer has a web portal which provides comprehensive and customized information to all stakeholders; the MNO, the content provider and the mobile subscriber. They can view individual video quality enhancement instances over time, along with other relevant data. We also provide first level analytics, linking network and content-related data to provide insights to aid new service creation or to enhance existing services.

Comprehensive Solution

Our solution extends beyond simple pipe widening. It supports different techniques of video delivery (HLS, progressive download). The mobile app, that is part of the solution, can erase the downloaded video after a single view, in line with DRM requirements. If the mobile network is congested, we route the traffic over available WiFi networks. We interface with the MNO to turn on the dedicated bearer, for improved QoS as needed.

Video Optimizer – A “Break Through” Innovative Solution from Tambora Systems

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