Small Cell Manager

Small Cell Manager

Mobile ecosystem battles with the problem of high bandwidth delivery. Mobile traffic is expected to increase seven-fold by Y 2021. By then, IOT devices are to multiply four-fold. So we are looking at an enormous demand in bandwidth; the average would soar from 600 Kbps per user, to 7 Mbps, a 12-fold growth. To cope with this, a large number of small cells are required, calling for huge increases in CAPEX and OPEX.

Our Small Cell Manager, running on TelOS, reduces CAPEX and OPEX. It ascertains the status of the tower infrastructure through inputs from IOT and non-IOT devices. It links up with existing business process software for other inputs. With these inputs, the small cell manager provides end-to-end business intelligence. It acts as a central platform to control devices in the tower infrastructure for fault management and optimal operation.

Complete Solution

Ours is a complete process management package. It covers the entire gamut of site-related tasks, from site planning, site acquisition, site build-up and site acceptance. On the operations side, it covers energy, fuel, alarm, asset and shelter access management. For each process, it offers comprehensive operational and analytics support, integrating seamlessly with existing tools and systems.

Collaboration Portal

On top of this process management, our solution links up with the supply chain to achieve total business process integration and optimal inventory control. It provides a common web portal for all material suppliers, real-estate owners and service providers. This improves operational efficiency manifold.

Franchisee Model

A dense access network built with small cells requires considerable capital. This can be raised through a broad-based franchisee model. In this case too, our cell manager provides complete management through a portal, ranging from information dissemination to contract execution, including payments and analytics.

Small Cell Manager – Another Innovative Solution from Tambora Systems

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