Network Slicing for MNOs

Launch and manage premium packages for selected video content, allowing you to offer a better subscriber experience and generate new revenue.


Dynamic network slicing

Launch and manage premium packages

Tambora Systems’ gQoE helps Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to launch and manage premium packages for selected video content, allowing them to offer a better subscriber experience and to generate new revenue. It’s a unique, patented solution for optimising last-mile video content delivery that leverages dynamic network slicing to unlock new services for MNOs.

Our technology allows us to identify individual subscribers who are experiencing poor performance, exactly at the moment when quality drops. It enables you to deliver an outstanding video experience to your subscribers.


Monetise video and
premium services

Tambora’s gQoE gives users dedicated bandwidth, just when they need it, to deliver a consistent viewing experience, so MNOs can offer premium services while viewers consume data and make the most of their subscriptions.

gQoE is a unique way to monetise video content, capture more value from subscribers, and target new high-value opportunities.

  • Real-time, QoE driven optimisation
  • PRCF / PCEF integration via 3GPP Rx interface
  • Fully virtualised, cloud-based
  • Self-service portal for MNOs to create, monitor and manage premium packages
  • IP and user mapping between Internet and mobile domains
  • SDK enabling device data and analytic collection
  • Complete SLA management
  • No CAPEX or OPEX

Rich analytics

A rich, web-based portal allows users to create and manage premium packages, while providing rich analytics data. This gives unmatched visibility and control of the service portfolio and the experience delivered. It helps enable better customer support and secure a deep understanding of subscriber behaviour and performance, while creating new revenue opportunities across a growing range of verticals.

Real-time QoE management

The cloud-based solution gives MNOs the ability to surgically control video delivery and to create premium packages or offers, based on selected content. Optimisation takes place at the control plane, allowing us to seamlessly enhance quality during any viewer session, and to enable dynamic, real-time QoE management. It delivers measurable improvements to QoE, eliminating buffering, boosting KPIs and lifting vMOS.

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Tambora Systems is building a global ecosystem of partners, enabling the delivery of QoE-driven services. Tambora helps to connect providers and networks, facilitating the exchange of value between stakeholders and enhancing service monetisation, offered through a platform with global reach.

We enable delivery of a differentiated class of service, across different access technologies and to individual users or devices. We pride ourselves on our open approach that brings together different ecosystems and connects silos to create new revenue streams and a transparent marketplace.

Our technology is cloud-based, which enables scalability and optimised performance. It helps to build bridges between mobile network infrastructure and external content and service providers. We ensure that providers have a dedicated, secure slice of network resources, for a fixed slice of time, with SLA-backed quality and performance. This enhances service delivery and, ultimately, creates new monetisation opportunities.

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Tambora Systems builds innovative, high-quality products using the Tambora Quality Management System (QMS). Tambora QMS has been designed as per CMMi Dev V1.3 requirements in order to better achieve our business objectives. The Video Optimiser product line of Tambora is appraised at CMMi level 3 by KPMG (CMMI Institute Partner).

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