Guaranteed Quality of Experience

Tambora’s guaranteed Quality of Experience (gQoE) solution enables service and content providers to increase revenue from mobile video users. This is achieved through intelligent control of user services in the last-mile.


What is gQoE?

Deliver superior video quality with zero buffering

Tambora’s guaranteed Quality of Experience (gQoE) solution enables service and content providers to increase revenue from mobile video users. This is achieved through intelligent control of user services in the last-mile.

By enabling MNOs to deliver superior video quality with zero buffering, we also help MNOs to reduce subscriber churn, to attract new users, to build new service offers and use cases, and to build market differentiation.

Ensure sufficient bandwidth is available and guaranteed

gQoE ensures an optimised video experience for users, and gives MNOs, content providers and more the foundation on which to build additional services and new use cases, such as IoT and enterprise offers.

gQoE acts by setting up a dedicated bearer to the user in the last mile, ensuring that sufficient bandwidth is available and guaranteed, enhancing customer experience.


Optimise services in the last mile

no capex


no opex


Precise control

Tambora gQoE optimises last-mile content delivery from the mobile network to end-user devices, and complements existing techniques, such as ABR streaming, Edge Caching, and transcoding.

A remote sensing function also means that additional bandwidth is only requested when conditions demand it. Tambora’s gQoE requires no CAPEX or OPEX, and because it interacts directly with PCRF, it enables precision control down to per user and per session. It is less intrusive and more scalable than other solutions.


Why do we need it?

diagram of video traffic on the mobile network

Managing the explosion of mobile video traffic

Today, video is the biggest contributor of mobile data traffic. By 2023, video will account for 73% of data crossing the mobile network. This explosion of video traffic opens the doors to new business models that drive stronger revenue growth and higher profitability for MNOs – a massive monetisation opportunity that MNOs cannot afford to ignore. However, ensuring QoE for this volume of traffic is a challenge.

Capitalise on the opportunity of mobile video

For content providers, meanwhile, exploding video demand means they have to be able to guarantee QoE for their users. If they cannot, poor subscriber experience will lead to session abandonment, subscriber churn and revenue loss.

Tambora is uniquely positioned to provide both MNOs and content providers with QoE-based service differentiation to meet this challenge and to capitalise on the opportunity. It helps them to boost revenue, offer new services, and build market differentiation and leadership.

Read our white paper on Video Optimisation


How does it work?

Three fundamental principles of operation

gQoE operates on three fundamental principles: Sensing, Processing and Acting.


This consists of a dedicated mobile application, available for Android and iOS devices. It performs sensing functions, so that when a subscriber accesses video content, the activity and the resulting conditions can be detected.

  • API integration also enables other means of sensing, through REST / SOAP interfaces to external systems.
  • RF signal strength and other network parameters can be obtained and utilised by the solution.
  • In addition, other metrics can be captured from CDNs.


Data is sent to a management platform in the cloud, where processing takes place. The user is authenticated and the information regarding the desired session and network conditions analysed.


The Tambora solution acts by initiating a request to the policy server, or PCRF, in the network. In turn, the PCRF requests specific service conditions across a dedicated bearer from the LTE eNodeB in the radio access network (RAN) to the mobile device of the user in question.

Once the data has been collected, ‘sensed’ and processed, Tambora’s guaranteed Quality of Experience (gQoE) solution operates through close integration with the mobile network, specifically by direct interconnection with the PCRF. The following sections explain how Tambora ‘Acts’ through the MNO network to deliver the desired performance outcomes.

Network integration

Choose your integration path for deployment

  • Tambora gQoE can be directly integrated into the MNO network quickly and easily. The Acting element of the Work Flow Engine (WFE) interfaces with MNO network infrastructure via a standard Rx interface, as shown below.

    gQoE/ MNO network integration

  • If the Rx interface is unavailable, the MNO interface provided through the WFE is sufficiently modular and flexible to enable any other interface. There is also a SOAP / REST-based API interface to the Subscriber Profile Repository (SPR) so that bandwidth can be controlled for specific rating groups with QCI (QoE Class Indicator) mapping for a particular package.

    API integration option


Who needs gQoE?

A business case for the entire mobile ecosystem

gQoE helps the entire mobile ecosystem, including MNOs, MVNXs, content providers, vendors and more unlock the benefits of dynamic, real-time network slicing, creating new monetisation opportunities. It offers a no CAPEX model that accelerates time to market, prepares the way for the commercial realisation of 5G, and supports a growing range of use cases.

Unrivalled visibility of the subscriber experience

Our technology works at the level of individual users and can identify specific subscribers who are experiencing poor performance in real-time – precisely when their video quality drops. Uniquely, we map identities between the internet and mobile domain, allowing content providers to reach specific users.

For content providers, Tambora gQoE ensures that poor QoE does not impact business success through poor subscriber experience, which can result in abandonment and revenue loss. The Tambora Content Provider Portal provides unrivalled visibility into the subscriber experience for both analytics and customer support. We work on a collaborative business model, closely aligned to the subscriber QoE goals of the content provider.

Find out how gQoE delivers benefits in our Surfline case study.

Surfline case study

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Tambora Systems is building a global ecosystem of partners, enabling the delivery of QoE-driven services. Tambora helps to connect providers and networks, facilitating the exchange of value between stakeholders and enhancing service monetisation, offered through a platform with global reach.

We enable delivery of a differentiated class of service, across different access technologies and to individual users or devices. We pride ourselves on our open approach that brings together different ecosystems and connects silos to create new revenue streams and a transparent marketplace.

Our technology is cloud-based, which enables scalability and optimised performance. It helps to build bridges between mobile network infrastructure and external content and service providers. We ensure that providers have a dedicated, secure slice of network resources, for a fixed slice of time, with SLA-backed quality and performance. This enhances service delivery and, ultimately, creates new monetisation opportunities.

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Tambora Systems builds innovative, high-quality products using the Tambora Quality Management System (QMS). Tambora QMS has been designed as per CMMi Dev V1.3 requirements in order to better achieve our business objectives. The Video Optimiser product line of Tambora is appraised at CMMi level 3 by KPMG (CMMI Institute Partner).

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