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As global demand for mobile data increases exponentially, Tambora is changing the way that this data is delivered.  Our solutions improve the viability of mobile video, help telecom operators decongest their networks, and enable the management of high-speed mobile internet in dense urban areas.  These solutions are delivered in the form of carrier-grade SaaS applications that scale up to millions of users.

Headquartered in Singapore, Tambora is a technology company that focuses on NFV solutions.  Our management team has had decades of experience in successfully starting and growing telecom software companies, culminating in the sale of Vistapointe’s network intelligence solution for mobile network operators to Brocade in September 2014.

Innovative Disruption

We are an access platform company.

Our DNA is to change, enhance and ease the way mobile Internet is delivered.

This translates to delivering large bandwidth to many users through a dense access network built with small cells and managing the same effectively through a specialized application running in a data center. Since every dense access network requires a huge capex, a new business model is needed for better ROI.

Addressing this need, we enable sharing of the access network by mobile and WiFi network operators. Our technology for user-identity mapping creates new revenue streams from content providers. We reduce data center costs through containerization and orchestration.

Tambora Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the holding and parent company of Tambora Systems India Private Limited. 

Tambora Systems India Private Limited does the software product development and support activities for Tambora Systems Singapore.

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