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Innovation founded on decades of experience, driven by an experienced leadership team

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Proven expertise and industry success

Innovation founded on experience

Tambora Systems is a provider of cloud-based solutions that increase revenue for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) by guaranteeing a superior video experience for their subscribers. Our innovation is founded on decades of experience, driven by our experienced leadership team.

Optimising experience

Our founders recognised the growing need to deliver
personalised optimised experiences, per user, per device
and per service, while helping to define and propel the
emerging market for policy control systems. They
understood that policy needed to go further, to enable the delivery of optimised experiences at a micro as well as a macro level.

Dynamic network slicing

After a successful exit to Brocade Systems, subsequently
acquired by Broadcom, and armed with this insight, they
created Tambora Systems, which is driving the
commercialisation of dynamic network slicing.

Prepare for commercial 5G

Our unique combination of techniques enables MNOs, Content Providers, solution vendors and more to monetise network slicing for 4G and LTE opportunities, today. We provide MNOs and Content Providers with gQoE-based service differentiation to meet the challenge of delivering high-quality mobile video and to capitalise on the soaring market opportunity. Our solutions also extend to other services, such as IoT and differentiated vertical and enterprise offers, enabling a broad portfolio to be offered.

Tambora gQoE is also future-proofed. Our solution helps our customers to prepare for the ‘5G explosion’, which will enable the commercialisation and monetisation of the new business models and opportunities that 5G will provide, ensuring that our partners secure market leadership, competitive advantage, and clear differentiation.

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